Who We Are

LAT Handmade is a very small handmade business located on the Gold Coast, QLD.

We provide our customers with high-quality clothing alteration which includes refashioning/thrift flipping as some call it and resizing of garments at an affordable price as well as handmade clothing and some made to order options (requested by customer).

Made to last longer

All our clothing items are uniquely and carefully handmade with high quality materials

Our Story

One day my brother and l were spending some time together brainstorming some ideas about the name of my sewing project which started as a hobby. With the support of family and friends and with no time the number of w alteration orders and some made to order items grew very high, at the time most of those orders were free of charge although some people were too shy to accept free service.

So, my brother came up with the “LAT” acronym which is one of my favourite passages, so all credit goes to him.

LAT is built upon the foundations of Song of Songs 2:2-3a “Like a lily Among Thorns is my darling among the young women. Like an apple tree Among the Trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men.”

Initially l was going to be making simple but classy modest clothing for women and maybe men shirts as well. I decided to share my love for fashion and it is something that l have always desired to make modest clothing which was inspired by my journey of knowing the Lord in which l am still going through and l am not perfect in any way and everyone view modesty differently and so l will be sharing my style of clothing and my favourite outfits here on the website and on social media. 

The beautiful thing about sharing my creations with others is that it connects me with others that have similar taste of style and its things like this that brings people together as you see how thrilled they are to have found a maker that gets them.